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District 3 of Simi Valley deserve a representative you can Trust and one that LISTENS. As YOUR representative, I pledge to listen and serve YOU with integrity. It would be an honor to serve you. 

Simi Valley is our home, my amazing wife and I are both 3rd generation residents, son to a Vietnam Veteran, I am a product of SVUSD, a father to 3 beautiful children who also are in the SVUSD, former Sequoia Jr. High Class President, former Simi Valley High School Class President. My wife attended Royal so we are a Pioneer/Highlander household.   

I have worked over 20 years in the entertainment industry as a successful actor and also on the legal production side. I worked the last 10 years in the financial industry working for 2 of the largest financial institutions in the world. I have obtained multiple financial securities licenses and insurance licenses. Also, a former small business owner. My knowledge of contract litigation, and years of financial planning along with working with many small businesses will be a much needed resource for our council. I have a bachelor’s degree in Political Science with an emphasis in law. I have taken multiple classes in city planning.

I have served as an Executive Board member on Neighborhood Council 2, Community Projects Grant Review Committee, Special Event Support Review Committee, worked on renovating our VFW Post 10049 building, over 500 volunteer hours at numerous charity events, coached for youth sports, and worked on annually on the All Serve project.    

Created the motto of "Simi Strong" and its movement of collaboration amongst our community to work together to be stronger as well as shopping locally. 

Created a social media group for Simi Valley from 1 to over 23K resident members which gives a platform for sharing knowledge and ideas in Simi Valley. We have helped raise money for families in need, bring awareness to struggling businesses, promote school fundraisers, promote community events for multiple nonprofit organizations, connected residents with job opportunities, polls to gather data for city projects,  a place for our large community to come together and share stories, referrals and advice on many issues to have transparency and accountability. 

Fiscal responsibility is critical. I will strive for reducing spending and eliminating unnecessary spending. Increasing revenue is thee most vital issue facing our city. We have too many underfunded departments in our city. Strategic outreach to increase filming as it once was in our city is one way in a multi prong plan to get there.  

Business stability and employment opportunities remain a need in our community, we need to help our existing businesses succeed and fix the reputation between city and businesses.  We also need to encourage more entrepreneurial spirt and help businesses, not hold them up with red tape and out of date ordinances.

Supporting and investing in public safety brings Simi Valley positive returns. Crime reduction will always be a priority. I stand by and support our Police Officers, our Firefighters, our teachers and will strive to make safety and education a priority in this city. 

I will work to slow high density urban sprawl and work towards adding programs for the youth in our town as well as seniors.

City Council should be held to a high standard and work together for OUR community and not continue to become a divisive partisan politics stage. My knowledge, history, and background I can have a civil articulate discussion by finding real resolve and solutions affecting issues with our city and bring people together for real long term solutions. Our city needs someone on council with an educated business background and financial expertise and experience to overhaul the challenging budget and tough fiscal road ahead.  I fight for what I love and I love Simi Valley!

On Election Day vote the right choice. Vote for Timothy (T.J.) McInturff for Simi Valley City Council District 3! 

Timothy (T.J.) McInturff


Election Day

November 3, 2020

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