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About Timothy (T.J.) McInturff

I have lived in Simi Valley my entire life. My family is 3rd generation of Simi Valley, my wife Jamie(a former Royal Highlander and now an executive at HBO) and her family are all from Simi Valley. My three sisters live in Simi Valley and most of my friends live in Simi Valley. This is our home. My parents instilled in me at a young age that family is very important. Growing up in Simi Valley I remember going to the drive-in, going to the fishing derby at Rancho Park, attending the former Boys and Girls Club. I attended all primary education in Simi Valley starting at preschool at Lutheran and Grace Brethren then on to Sycamore Elementary school. I then attended Jr. High at Sequoia where I played sports and was elected Class President. This was the last year it was Sequoia before the school changed to Santa Susana High School.  off to Simi Valley High School and lettered in Leadership, Varsity Wrestling, Varsity football and drama as well as class president. I've played sports my whole life and believe sports are a great tool to help build character and keep kids social and away from drugs. I was in Little League, played ice hockey, roller hockey and soccer to name a few sports for years.  At the same time growing up I wanted to be a child actor and booked my first job at age four and have been working ever since. I was able to handle the pressures of going on interviews in Hollywood, playing sports, going to school, and being a kid and still excelling in school. After high school I went onto Moorpark junior college and obtained my Associates degree in liberal arts. I then transferred to California State college Northridge (CSUN) and graduated with a degree in Political Science with an emphasis in law.

After college I started my own small business, a limousine company while also working for my father, a Vietnam Veteran and his 40-year-old business as an aircraft broker. I then went on to work for CBS's hit show Entertainment Tonight and The Insider handling legal media licensing and copyright issues for the show. I went on to handling more of the legal work at Bank of America in their legal department handling litigation complaints on default mortgages concerning foreclosures and bankruptcies. I then transitioned to giving back and helping small businesses and people with their finances. I have been on the consumer side of banking where I obtained multiple securities licenses aiding people of Simi Valley with financial plans and investment opportunities. I am currently working with small businesses on a special project dedicated to the PPP business loans during this pandemic.    
I've been studying government, working with attorneys, legal documents, deciphering contracts and engaging in negotiations and helping people with their disputes my in my business career. I believe I would be a great fit for City Council. I could utilize my analytical skills and financial experience to help continue to shape this great city. I'm really in tune with the pulse of the perception of the city as well and I am a much needed common sense diverse vote on the council. I think there are ways we can use technology to get more people involved and continue to make this city better than it already is. But all this can't happen unless we bring in revenue and address the how do we do it? There are lots of ways to do it such as expediting the redesign and launch of the Simi Valley Town Center, stop businesses from cannibalizing each other, bringing in major motion film studios to film here which would bring in much needed revenue. We issue about 115-150 film permits a year to mostly non union productions while surrounding cities such as Santa Clarita averages around 550 film permits a year from mostly union production permits. We can create revenue and at the same time prioritize more for the often ignored young and senior generations. We also can not ignore our aging infrastructure.  This city was once known as the safest city, lets strive to earn that title back! I support our police and the idea of community policing. We have very little space left to build on, let's add to the conversation a mega park where kids can actually go to ride their bicycles, skateboards, and rollerblades. Lets utilize the space up in the hills to build a track for kids to ride on. Let's give these kids more opportunities, rather then just the seemingly typical more high density housing.  
So what do you really want out of a city councilmember? I am your voice, I am your friend, your neighbor, somebody that is connected to a lot of people in town and has a level head and thinks forward. I use logic and reason combined with common sense to make decisive decisions.  As a parent I want my kids to be safe and have opportunity and do what I can now for future generations. I've had a great run in Simi Valley so far and I want to give back, I want to be your voice to help others. Simi Strong is an idea where we all come together and we help make this city strong! We are not going to let drugs, crime, layoffs, and businesses closing get us down we are going to find a solution and stand together.



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