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Public Safety

There are many challenges involved in keeping a city safe. I commend and support the first responders of Simi Valley, and will be a strong advocate for expanded hiring within the police. I fully support our Police Officers. Simi Valley is one of the safest cities to live in and it is my goal to continuously improve upon the safety of our neighborhoods and the security of our families. Technology advances must be available to our first responders. Lets continue to work together as a community along side our brave men and women utilizing apps and social media to alert police of suspicious situations. This is our city and together we can work together and keep it safe and strong.   



The continued growth of Simi Valley's economy is a top priority. To be able to bring in and keep new local businesses, Simi Valley needs to become a more business friendly community. By staying "Simi Strong" and by supporting Simi Valley business's by shopping in Simi Valley. Placing the same type of business next to another is business cannibalism and we can do better. As part of my economic plan, I would like to see continued revitalization of our store fronts. The City Council needs to work with commercial property owners to find ways to fill empty structures and storefronts. Many layoffs have taken place and people have lost their jobs. We need to attract a major company to bring its headquarters to Simi Valley.  In the long run, the economy of Simi Valley needs to expand by attracting regional business that will increase the tax revenue of the city without raising taxes on the residents. Attracting the major studios to film more here will bring enormous revenue and spotlight hopefully, some of our businesses. Also, the city is planning to relocate the bicycle race track, this may be a good time to utilize the hills by the closed golf course for not only a bike track, but a dirt bike track. New revenue and a place for the youth.   



As a council member, I will always support the teachers of Simi Valley and work with our school district. I will strive to ensure educators have the proper resources needed to teach our children. In addition, it is essential that public library services, early education, and after-school programs are adequately funded, to supplement the great work that our teachers are doing in the classroom. Lets offer the same opportunity and extra curricular programs that are available in other cities. I have seen too many parents switch their children to a school of choice outside of Simi Valley. I want our schools to be the schools of choice. 


Fiscal Responsibility

Fiscal responsibility is critical. I will strive for reducing spending and eliminating unnecessary spending. Increasing revenue is thee most vital issue facing our city. We have too many underfunded departments in our city. Strategic outreach to increase filming as it once was in our city is one way in a multi prong plan to get there. It is the duty of the City Council to be fiscally responsible, and for each Council Member to be transparent and accountable to the residents of Simi Valley. My expertise in finance and business is a much needed resource for our Council and I will be your voice on fiscal matters.  

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